Apps that let you save and access several copied items in your clipboard


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If you copy and paste words several times a day, then chances are that you need some help. Have you copied something important and then after you copied something else, that important part that you copied earlier was lost? If that is the case, let me tell you about some really great apps that can help you feel more relaxed and work better along the way. These apps are ways for you to copy and paste many items and refer back to your clipboard history later on without having to open so many unnecessary text files where you want to save your important copies. Continue reading

Learn Programming Like Einstein Learned Physics


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As I wrote in a previous post, one other article that I had the pleasure to write has been published in It is about emulating the patterns of the Nobel Prize winner physicist, Albert Einstein in software development. I invested more than eleven hours in it, taking into account the research, article outline, writing, and reformulating the points that I wanted to mention. It may seem so much time, but I enjoyed writing it, and I am grateful that so many people have found it helpful. Continue reading

Comments remind you to write simpler code


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When you are programming, there are cases when you implement something in such a way that it is difficult to understand and reuse by others. As a result, you decide to write comments above it to explain the logic behind your code. The moment you decided to write this type of comment, you admitted that your implementation is already complicated enough so that others or your future self would benefit from adding this plain English type of explanation. Continue reading

10 Underestimated Social Skills Many Programmers Forget About


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I recently had the privilege to publish my first guest post in, which is a very good website filled with so many tips and suggestions for software developers. I wrote the article about some soft skills, a topic that I believe is underestimated, and wanted to remind myself and fellow software developers about their importance. Continue reading

The unimportance of the perfect coding style guide

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I recently read this wonderful article about the impossibility of having a perfect coding style guide that would please everybody. The author, Bill Sourour, a seasoned developer who has been programming professionally for decades, mentions that he himself had been involved in heated arguments by defending one coding style over the other. However, according to him, in the end it does not really matter that much, as long as it is a readable and maintainable code. Continue reading

Develop rich content applications with the help of public APIs

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Application Programming Interfaces (API) have become something commonly widespread for a lot of applications. They are used to make a central implementation of business logic requirements, which can then be easily maintained, changed, and used from multiple clients implemented in different stacks of technologies. A typical end user might not be informed about the existence of APIs, but he is most likely enjoying the benefits of APIs. Knowing that there are very popular applications that have public APIs which you can leverage for your applications, it is time to think using them a lot more.

How to be more present

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During these recent times, I have found myself wandering aimlessly in thoughts about the past, or the future, without paying too much attention to the present action. I tend to feel nostalgic about something good that happened in the past, or being excited about plausible future outcomes, and not focusing on the current activity that I am involved on. Knowing that I may continue this pattern of behavior in the future as well, I am making an intention of making a change. Continue reading

How to deal with an overwhelming project

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Big projects, like Tesla, or, are nothing short of something that does not stop to amaze us. When you think about actually being the people who have worked and made them possible, you will most definitely be feeling a sense of overwhelming. It is normal, as these projects are that big, and you might not know where to start. I think that the people who have started these projects have been experiencing the same feeling. However, they did not let those feelings get in their way of execution and stopping them from putting in the real work. Continue reading