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Translate dynamic content using Globalize gem

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We are in an interconnected world, where people across the planet can use the projects that we develop, and having the opportunity to offer them with additional international languages make them a lot better. We can obviously use locale for doing the translations of static strings like labels, or placeholder descriptions that appear across our applications, so we should also have something that can give us a way to translate the dynamic content.  There is a really great Ruby gem that makes the translation of model attributes a lot easier. This gem is called Globalize and is very easy to use.

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Set up your macOS development environment using Thoughtbot’s Laptop script

One of the things that may prevent us from changing or even just thinking of changing our working environments is the necessity to do all the installations and the configurations that we once set up that are needed for software development. Fortunately, there is a cure for this pain. Laptop is a script that prepares your working macOS machine for web and mobile development.

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Jump between words using keyboard shortcuts in iTerm

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iTerm is a really great terminal replacement that I really like to use. One feature that I wanted to have after my migration from Windows to OS X is the ability to jump between words in the command line, and not having to go through the whole line character by character. It turns out that this is possible quite easily and without much pain and effort from your side. You do not need to pay 1 BTC to Apple to get this working. You only need to make a few keystroke changes in your iTerm preferences and you are done. Continue reading

Resize your apps’ windows in your Mac like in Windows using BetterSnapTool


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For a very long time, I have used Windows as my default operating system. A couple of months ago, I switched to Mac OS and a few features that I really enjoyed having in Windows were not in this new OS. At least, not included by default. One of them was the ability to resize the windows of applications by dragging them to one of the screen’s corners. Fortunately, I saw Noah Kagan recommending a cheap app called BetterSnapTool, which allows you to do just that. Continue reading

Create great database schemas very intuitively using DBDesigner

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One of the most important parts of developing a project is the necessity to have a clear picture in mind about the end goal. Namely, knowing the target audience that this project has and the features that it will include. This means that we need to make sure we are informed as much as possible about the business logic, and then be able to do the implementation of all the features as needed.  Continue reading

Fix the hanged  on new application creation process in React Native by installing uws separately

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I recently changed my laptop and while I was trying to create a new React Native application in my new development environment, the process of creating the app seemed to hang on forever. It did not finish at all, and took a lot of my time, as I was hoping that it will ultimately finish. I was worried about this and this way, I tried to find solutions online in as many places as I could. It took a lot of test and error cases, and a lot of browsing until I finally stumbled upon a solution that will hopefully be beneficial to you as well.

The last message that showed up on the terminal when I was trying to create a new React Native was: “Building fresh packages react native”.

What I had to do was run the following command in the terminal:

yarn add uws

Then I was able to create new React Native application using the React Native command line interface within seconds. 

There may be other solutions to this problem, and this is the one that worked for me. If you are having the same issue, then chances are this solution can hopefully work for you as well.

Repeat your Trello cards using Card Repeater

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Trello is a really helpful tool for managing your tasks. It has a very intuitive user interface, and comes up with a lot of features that you can use. If you use it for your personal or professional tasks, you may probably have a few cards that need to repeat on a regular basis. Examples of these types of tasks can be weekly meetings with your team, sending a review report, or reading a book for 10 minutes per day. Fortunately, there is a power-up extension for Trello that you can use to make it easier for you to add these repetitive cards.

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Reduce Chrome’s RAM usage with “The Great Suspender” extension

Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used web browsers. It is also one of the browsers that takes so much of your RAM, which has led many people to switch to other more lightweight browsers. There is a really great Chrome extension that reduces the amount of RAM that your Chrome uses.

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How to prepend “a” or “an” before words using Ruby

One of the main reasons why we as developers love programming in Ruby is because of the freedom that it gives to us. Having the autonomy to do something is one of the core pillars of motivation. In this article, we will briefly see how you can write a method that you can then call for each of your string objects, prepending an “a” or “an” before words.

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I became a Ruby on Rails and React contributor and you can too

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I am really grateful that I have managed to contribute to a few open source projects, including the ones that I currently use on a regular basis: Ruby on Rails and React. My contributions are very minor fixes, and suggestions, and may not be that much worthy of the praise, but I want to use this article to inspire you to go and make your own contributions as well.

One of my core values is contribution and helping others. That’s one of the reasons why I love to write articles, and also contribute back to the very projects that I have benefitted from over the years.  

Although major frameworks that are largely used have gone through tons of reviews and careful analysis over the years, there is always room for improvement or addition. This means that you are not only able to fix bugs, or improve something that is already implemented, but you can also implement new features as well. Continue reading

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