How do we sabotage our own success?

We have so many goals and ideas. Whenever someone tries to talk to us about their goals, we immediately start to think about our own and how awesome those goals are. Very big goals and big ambitions, but when we are asked about the reasons that are holding us back and not allowing us to progress and really accomplish them, we realize that we are only talking about those goals. (more…)

Learning as a new way of procrastination

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We live in an area when it is easier to find information than to go out and buy at a local market nearby. Although it sounds fascinating, this has come to us as a cost: We are only learning new things, and getting new information, but hesitate and procrastinate from the actual work. Before you move on to read this article, let me ask you something: Why are you reading this? Is this article something that is really interesting for you to read, or why are you still here? Honestly speaking, there are times that we are only trying to busy ourselves with other things as an excuse for not taking action. (more…)

How to deal with self-doubt – advice from an ex US Navy SEAL commander

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Jocko Willink spent 20 years in the US Navy and commanded the most highly decorated special operations unit in the Iraq War, SEAL Team 3’s task unit Bruiser.  When he was asked about ways of shutting down internal doubt and negative chatter during critical moments, he replied “Internal doubt is not necessarily a bad thing, because it is a form of humility.” He then continued that this humility is a good thing, as it keeps you up at night preparing, and becoming better. (more…)

Do not trust your future self

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If you have a task that you need to finish and you have so much time available, but still plan to postpone doing this task for tomorrow, because you are not feeling motivated right now, then this is not a good idea. Chances are that you are not going to feel motivated to do it tomorrow either. People have the tendency for wishful thinking. They simply believe that things will somehow get better without having the resolve and commitment to take any action at all. (more…)

How to change the default new line delimiter in Ruby


One of the core pillars of motivation is having the opportunity to use some form of autonomy at the work that you do. Ruby programming language allows you to do just that with a lot of its built-in features. It gives you the ability to override methods of basic built-in classes, methods and also attributes. One such attribute in which we will focus on this article is the ability to change the default new line delimiter. (more…)

3 pillars of motivation

2 days before his match with the undefeated back then Mike Tyson, Buster Douglas’s mother died.  Douglas was preparing for one of the most difficult challenges that he had until that time of his life and another calamity hit his life. It is obvious that it was a very hard period for him, yet he managed to beat the ‘undisputed’ heavyweight champion of that time Mike Tyson via knockout, because he had a reason. Reason is only one pillar of motivation. The other two are autonomy and mastery.


Problems are terrible opportunities to waste

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Dr. Peter Diamandis has been named one of “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” by Fortune Magazine. Among many other great achievements, he has written a book which got testimonials from people like Bill Clinton, Eric Schmidt, and Ray Kurzweil. Ray Kurzweil describes the book briefly: “If you read one business book in the twenty-first century, this should be the one.” What makes Peter special is the type of questions he uses to solve the problems and the way he approaches them. (more…)

The fascinating reading habit of Bill Gates

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A very famous quote says, “Leaders are readers”, which might sound as a cliché, but represents a very valid statement. Most of us know Bill Gates as a really successful person who has been able to build one of the largest technological company in the world. He is also one the richest person on Earth. One really important factor that distinguishes him among other things is his commitment to reading. (more…)