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Top 5 lessons I learned from writing 200 blog posts


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This is my 200th post in this blog. It has been a long journey, so I wanted to take a moment to reflect about some of the most important lessons I learned.

I started blogging with the overall goal of improving the quality of my written English. I am grateful that I have managed to make considerable improvements since I started to write.

As the time of this writing, I am grateful that I have been able to publish 2 articles in SimpleProgrammer: Learn Programming Like Einstein Learned Physics and 10 Simple Social Skills Many Programmers Forget About. I am grateful that I have already published 2 articles in FreeCodeCamp, which is one of the most popular technical Medium publication: For Developers, Ego Is The Enemy and Why Developers avoid writing tests… until it’s too late. I am grateful that I have also been accepted as a writer in Baeldung.com which gets about 1 million page views per month and Scotch.io, which gets about 500 thousand page views per month. Continue reading

Increase the number of books you read by using Stephen King’s way of constant reading

Img source: enterpreneur.com

Neil Pasricha wrote an article about 8 ways that can help one read a lot more during the year. Among the things that he mentioned one advice made me ponder a bit more than the others: Reapply the 10,000 steps rule. Continue reading

The fascinating reading habit of Bill Gates

Img source: gatesnotes.com

A very famous quote says, “Leaders are readers”, which might sound as a cliché, but represents a very valid statement. Most of us know Bill Gates as a really successful person who has been able to build one of the largest technological company in the world. He is also one the richest person on Earth. One really important factor that distinguishes him among other things is his commitment to reading. Continue reading

How to read more than 30 books a year by reading less than an hour a day

read-booksIt is almost the end of this year, a time which we can use for reflection. A lot of people might have a lot of regrets because of the things they did not do, or the things that did not do very well. One of the most common regret is reading very few books. There are people, however, that read a lot of books per year, despite having a very busy schedule filled up with obligations and responsibilities just like you and me. Continue reading

Underestimating the small consistent work

Source: naturaliowamuscle.com

Source: naturaliowamuscle.com

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. –  Aristotle

I told a few friends of mine that I have been writing articles in this blog on a consistent basis. I mentioned that I have written 2 articles per week during 2015 and my goal for 2016 is to write at least 1 article per week and they looked this as something way too easy and underestimated it. I agree with them that it is not that hard to write 1 article per week, but I think here we are dealing with something much broader. Continue reading

Save a lot of time: Learn from other people’s successes

Source: personalbrandingblog.com

Source: personalbrandingblog.com

Do you often find yourself trapped in the mindset that if you fail learning something, you simply have to keep a bit harder, and then a bit harder than that? A lot of self-declared gurus try to motivate people to simply push themselves a little harder to achieve their goals, and that it takes only some efforts to do something amazing. The truth might not be too far from that, although it might take a lot of time.  Aiming for the east, but walking towards the west will most likely turn out to be a terrible waste of time, energy and effort.   Continue reading

Do not quit forming new habits because of some failed initial attempts

Source: thoughtcatalog.com

Source: thoughtcatalog.com

Our daily life is consisted of patterns of behaviors and thought processes that we have been doing on a regular basis, that we also call them as habits. Whether we are aware of them or not, we do them. If we want to improve the quality of our lives, we must first try to form new habits that can be as means of achieving our goals in different areas like health, relationships, finance, or career. We think that when we have decided to form a new habit and planned our new behavior in detail, we will be able to perform it each day as planned. That is far from the truth. We might have a lot of failing attempts in the beginning that might even tempt us to think that we are simply not good at forming new habits and decide to not continue with the habit formation at all. Continue reading

Learning productivity from the production of iPhone

Source: allthingsd.com

Source: allthingsd.com

Producing an iPhone might be a difficult process, and the factory that produces it always uses the same process of production, thus it does not have to always reconsider this system of production. Yes, it is something that is set up after a lot of regulations made in the past, but after a period of time, it became a process that is regularly used. The same process is used and the same output is produced. It is as simple as that, but we fail to implement it into our own lives. Continue reading

Bad behaviors are bugs that need to be addressed and need attention

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Computer software cannot be imagined without having any bug at all, whether they are developed by Google, Microsoft or an unknown programmer who is programming in his garage. However this reality does not stop these companies to constantly engage into improving their products, so that there are less bugs into them than before. We humans might have some behaviors or habits that we are not content that we do, but somehow we fall into trap of regularly doing them, and start to think that they are irreplaceable and that there is nothing that we can do about them. Continue reading

Start your day with this small habit

its gonna be a great dayIt is not secret that a lot of people wake up being tired, uninspired and afraid to face the world, because of a challenging project that they have to do, or a tiring report that they have to write for their boss. This way the alarm clock gets a usual knock down and the snooze button is exhausted of repeated presses that your finger does, while you are still having a dream of swimming with dolphins. Two hours later, you get into your job late and find an angry face of your boss pointing figures at you for the declining rate of the profits of the company. However, a simple habit could change your day. Continue reading

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