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Trello is a really helpful tool for managing your tasks. It has a very intuitive user interface, and comes up with a lot of features that you can use. If you use it for your personal or professional tasks, you may probably have a few cards that need to repeat on a regular basis. Examples of these types of tasks can be weekly meetings with your team, sending a review report, or reading a book for 10 minutes per day. Fortunately, there is a power-up extension for Trello that you can use to make it easier for you to add these repetitive cards.

This power-up is called “Card Repeater” and is integrated flawlessly into your cards. You can install it by going to Menu > Power Ups > Card Repeater. Once you have installed it, you can then start to use it immediately for each of your cards.

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Now, when you go and edit a card, you will see a new menu option in the right, Repeat, right underneath Power-Ups. There you can choose the frequency, the weekday, the column of the board and the position of the card in the column that you want to set for the card that you want to automatically create on a regular basis.

If this card is deleted or moved to another board, it will not be repeated anymore.

There are a lot of other power-up that you can use to enrich and improve your Trello experience, and Card Repeater is among many other beneficial ones. There are a lot of power-ups that are as extensions with other third party services, like Evernote, Toggl, Box, etc.

You can read about this power-up in the official Trello blog as well.