Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used web browsers. It is also one of the browsers that takes so much of your RAM, which has led many people to switch to other more lightweight browsers. There is a really great Chrome extension that reduces the amount of RAM that your Chrome uses.

This extension is called The Great Suspender and I have used it for quite some time now. I sometimes open too many tabs and leave them open, but to be honest, only a small percentage of them are actually necessary for me most of the time. This extension takes note of the tabs that you have not been active for a while and suspends them, so they will take any much of your memory. This as a result will improve the overall performance of your machine as a whole.

Chrome has many great extensions and this is one of the main reasons why I still continue to use it, despite the fact that Firefox has released a new release which is claimed to be better.

This extension is an additional incentive that you may still continue to use Chrome. I am not trying to convince you to not give other browsers a try, but to give you a plausible performance optimizer for your Chrome.

I found this extension very beneficial and hope you benefit from it as well. It can helpful, especially if you do not have that much RAM.