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The unimportance of the perfect coding style guide

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I recently read this wonderful article about the impossibility of having a perfect coding style guide that would please everybody. The author, Bill Sourour, a seasoned developer who has been programming professionally for decades, mentions that he himself had been involved in heated arguments by defending one coding style over the other. However, according to him, in the end it does not really matter that much, as long as it is a readable and maintainable code. Continue reading

Develop rich content applications with the help of public APIs

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Application Programming Interfaces (API) have become something commonly widespread for a lot of applications. They are used to make a central implementation of business logic requirements, which can then be easily maintained, changed, and used from multiple clients implemented in different stacks of technologies. A typical end user might not be informed about the existence of APIs, but he is most likely enjoying the benefits of APIs. Knowing that there are very popular applications that have public APIs which you can leverage for your applications, it is time to think using them a lot more.

How to be more present

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During these recent times, I have found myself wandering aimlessly in thoughts about the past, or the future, without paying too much attention to the present action. I tend to feel nostalgic about something good that happened in the past, or being excited about plausible future outcomes, and not focusing on the current activity that I am involved on. Knowing that I may continue this pattern of behavior in the future as well, I am making an intention of making a change. Continue reading

How to deal with an overwhelming project

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Big projects, like Tesla, or Amazon.com, are nothing short of something that does not stop to amaze us. When you think about actually being the people who have worked and made them possible, you will most definitely be feeling a sense of overwhelming. It is normal, as these projects are that big, and you might not know where to start. I think that the people who have started these projects have been experiencing the same feeling. However, they did not let those feelings get in their way of execution and stopping them from putting in the real work. Continue reading

Write about things that you are grateful for and revisit it each time you feel bad

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We all have our difficult times, when we feel not that good. These problems tend to take a lot of our attention that we suddenly forget all the other great opportunities that we possess. Our head is mostly filled with these dark opinions about how unfortunate we are and then we try to recall other periods in our lives when we were going through tough times too. It is difficult to become aware that these problems are usually temporary and that a way to overcome them is most definitely nearby. Continue reading

Increase the number of books you read by using Stephen King’s way of constant reading

Img source: enterpreneur.com

Neil Pasricha wrote an article about 8 ways that can help one read a lot more during the year. Among the things that he mentioned one advice made me ponder a bit more than the others: Reapply the 10,000 steps rule. Continue reading

How do we sabotage our own success?

We have so many goals and ideas. Whenever someone tries to talk to us about their goals, we immediately start to think about our own and how awesome those goals are. Very big goals and big ambitions, but when we are asked about the reasons that are holding us back and not allowing us to progress and really accomplish them, we realize that we are only talking about those goals. Continue reading

Learning as a new way of procrastination

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We live in an area when it is easier to find information than to go out and buy at a local market nearby. Although it sounds fascinating, this has come to us as a cost: We are only learning new things, and getting new information, but hesitate and procrastinate from the actual work. Before you move on to read this article, let me ask you something: Why are you reading this? Is this article something that is really interesting for you to read, or why are you still here? Honestly speaking, there are times that we are only trying to busy ourselves with other things as an excuse for not taking action. Continue reading

How to deal with self-doubt – advice from an ex US Navy SEAL commander

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Jocko Willink spent 20 years in the US Navy and commanded the most highly decorated special operations unit in the Iraq War, SEAL Team 3’s task unit Bruiser.  When he was asked about ways of shutting down internal doubt and negative chatter during critical moments, he replied “Internal doubt is not necessarily a bad thing, because it is a form of humility.” He then continued that this humility is a good thing, as it keeps you up at night preparing, and becoming better. Continue reading

Do not trust your future self

Img source: organisedlifeandmind.com

If you have a task that you need to finish and you have so much time available, but still plan to postpone doing this task for tomorrow, because you are not feeling motivated right now, then this is not a good idea. Chances are that you are not going to feel motivated to do it tomorrow either. People have the tendency for wishful thinking. They simply believe that things will somehow get better without having the resolve and commitment to take any action at all. Continue reading

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