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It is highly likely that you will have to work on a project that has some type of search forms implemented. Fortunately, as with many other type of functionalities that you can easily get out of the box without writing too much code in Rails projects, there is also a gem that is specific for this purpose. Ransack is a Ruby gem that enables the creation of both simple and advanced search forms for Ruby on Rails projects.

It provides excellent helpers and builders for handling advanced searches on your models. It is really to use in your search forms. It also gives you the opportunity to do the sorting and the conditioned search.

Moreover, it also works really well with the famous pagination gem, Kaminari. You always need to have paginations in your search queries. This combination with Kaminari is really helpful.

You can install it as any other Ruby gem:

gem ‘ransack’

You can also see a demo of this gem being used in this demo project. For more information regarding this really useful gem, you can visit its GitHub page, and see very detailed explanations of its implementation in your projects.