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I recently changed my laptop and while I was trying to create a new React Native application in my new development environment, the process of creating the app seemed to hang on forever. It did not finish at all, and took a lot of my time, as I was hoping that it will ultimately finish. I was worried about this and this way, I tried to find solutions online in as many places as I could. It took a lot of test and error cases, and a lot of browsing until I finally stumbled upon a solution that will hopefully be beneficial to you as well.

The last message that showed up on the terminal when I was trying to create a new React Native was: “Building fresh packages react native”.

What I had to do was run the following command in the terminal:

yarn add uws

Then I was able to create new React Native application using the React Native command line interface within seconds. 

There may be other solutions to this problem, and this is the one that worked for me. If you are having the same issue, then chances are this solution can hopefully work for you as well.