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It’s obvious that a lot of applications need an admin panel, where the administrator or other lower level users need privileges to do certain data manipulations. Not everyone of them should be a technical person. Thus, you may need to provide them a user-friendly interface which gives them this opportunity. Fortunately, you can insert an admin panel in your Rails application easily using RailsAdmin.

RailsAdmin is a famous Ruby gem that has received more than 1.6 million downloads and 6,500 stars in its GitHub repository.

Its main features is the ability to do CRUD operations on any data with ease, and with almost no prior effort into the configurations of the gem. You can then customize your models that you want to have in the admin panel, the fields that you want to display, and the actions that you prefer to allow. It also allows you to validate forms automatically, search and filter data, and also export them as CSV, JSON, or XML.

It is integrated with other gems as well. It allows you to authenticate using one of the most famous Ruby gems for authentication, namely, Devise, and others. You can then add permissions for your admin panel to only specific users using CanCanCan or Pundit. You can also have a history of user actions using PaperTrail.

These are some of the features that RailsAdmin comes with.

Remember that you need to restart the server when you have made changes into it.

You can install as any other Rails gem.

For more details related to it, you can visit its GitHub repository.