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Repeat your Trello cards using Card Repeater

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Trello is a really helpful tool for managing your tasks. It has a very intuitive user interface, and comes up with a lot of features that you can use. If you use it for your personal or professional tasks, you may probably have a few cards that need to repeat on a regular basis. Examples of these types of tasks can be weekly meetings with your team, sending a review report, or reading a book for 10 minutes per day. Fortunately, there is a power-up extension for Trello that you can use to make it easier for you to add these repetitive cards.

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Improve the quality of your sleep using F.lux app

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It’s no doubt that we are using our devices almost all the time, especially before going to bed. Screens produce blue light, which mimics the sunlight and sends mixed signals to our brains about the bed time. As a result, we may not be able to sleep, even though we have put the head on the pillow thirty minutes ago. F.lux is a free app for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iPad, which fixes this: It regulates the screen color of your device and mimics the sunlight during the day, and indoor-like lights during the night.

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Top 5 lessons I learned from writing 200 blog posts


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This is my 200th post in this blog. It has been a long journey, so I wanted to take a moment to reflect about some of the most important lessons I learned.

I started blogging with the overall goal of improving the quality of my written English. I am grateful that I have managed to make considerable improvements since I started to write.

As the time of this writing, I am grateful that I have been able to publish 2 articles in SimpleProgrammer: Learn Programming Like Einstein Learned Physics and 10 Simple Social Skills Many Programmers Forget About. I am grateful that I have already published 2 articles in FreeCodeCamp, which is one of the most popular technical Medium publication: For Developers, Ego Is The Enemy and Why Developers avoid writing tests… until it’s too late. I am grateful that I have also been accepted as a writer in Baeldung.com which gets about 1 million page views per month and Scotch.io, which gets about 500 thousand page views per month. Continue reading

Ego is the enemy for software developers

I recently finished reading the book “Ego is the Enemy”, by Ryan Holiday and came up with many valuable advice and I decided to write this article.

When you hear the word enemy, you probably think about regular expressions, bugs, deployments, meetings and deadlines. Actually, in our quest to reach our goals and become the software developers we want to be, we are usually our own worst enemies. Ego is what prevents us from asking for help, learning, collaborating and working hard.
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Learn Programming Like Einstein Learned Physics


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As I wrote in a previous post, one other article that I had the pleasure to write has been published in SimpleProgrammer.com. It is about emulating the patterns of the Nobel Prize winner physicist, Albert Einstein in software development. I invested more than eleven hours in it, taking into account the research, article outline, writing, and reformulating the points that I wanted to mention. It may seem so much time, but I enjoyed writing it, and I am grateful that so many people have found it helpful. Continue reading

Save time writing long texts with a few keystrokes using PhraseExpress

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One really cool application that saves me time is PhraseExpress. I have been using it for a few years now and I am nothing short of impressed by its usefulness and the ability to help you out in your efforts to be more productive.

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10 Underestimated Social Skills Many Programmers Forget About


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I recently had the privilege to publish my first guest post in SimpleProgrammer.com, which is a very good website filled with so many tips and suggestions for software developers. I wrote the article about some soft skills, a topic that I believe is underestimated, and wanted to remind myself and fellow software developers about their importance. Continue reading

How to be more present

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During these recent times, I have found myself wandering aimlessly in thoughts about the past, or the future, without paying too much attention to the present action. I tend to feel nostalgic about something good that happened in the past, or being excited about plausible future outcomes, and not focusing on the current activity that I am involved on. Knowing that I may continue this pattern of behavior in the future as well, I am making an intention of making a change. Continue reading

How to deal with an overwhelming project

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Big projects, like Tesla, or Amazon.com, are nothing short of something that does not stop to amaze us. When you think about actually being the people who have worked and made them possible, you will most definitely be feeling a sense of overwhelming. It is normal, as these projects are that big, and you might not know where to start. I think that the people who have started these projects have been experiencing the same feeling. However, they did not let those feelings get in their way of execution and stopping them from putting in the real work. Continue reading

Write about things that you are grateful for and revisit it each time you feel bad

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We all have our difficult times, when we feel not that good. These problems tend to take a lot of our attention that we suddenly forget all the other great opportunities that we possess. Our head is mostly filled with these dark opinions about how unfortunate we are and then we try to recall other periods in our lives when we were going through tough times too. It is difficult to become aware that these problems are usually temporary and that a way to overcome them is most definitely nearby. Continue reading

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