Img prepared by: Shkodran Arifi

I recently had the pleasure to publish my first article at, which is a very popular platform. It is one of the longest articles that I have written so far. It is a written tutorial on how to build a cryptocurrency site in which you can see the changes of values of BitCoin, Ethereum and NasDaq overtime. The project accompanying this article is developed with Ruby on Rails using Test-Driven Development (TDD).

This project is very simple and it’s mostly intended to be as a tutorial. It does not do anything fancy, nor does it resemble anything that has to do with rocket science. This application communicates with external web services and gets the latest values of these currencies over time and then displays these values using graphs. The latest values of currencies are daily received and displayed.

I have tried to write this article documenting each step of the process of development, hoping that readers who are not familiar with TDD or Ruby on Rails can also benefit and learn from.

It is developed using some of the best practices of software development, such as test driven development and do not repeat yourself principle.

I used suspenders gem to create the project, which is the way that the famous software development company, thoughtbot, uses for all its Ruby on Rails projects.

I also used HighCharts and ChartKick to help display the charts for a pleasant way of representation of the variations of the values of these currencies over time.

You can access the source code on GitHub. You can read the full article here

Happy mining and coding!