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Month: February 2018

Translate dynamic content using Globalize gem

Img source: railscasts.com

We are in an interconnected world, where people across the planet can use the projects that we develop, and having the opportunity to offer them with additional international languages make them a lot better. We can obviously use locale for doing the translations of static strings like labels, or placeholder descriptions that appear across our applications, so we should also have something that can give us a way to translate the dynamic content.  There is a really great Ruby gem that makes the translation of model attributes a lot easier. This gem is called Globalize and is very easy to use.

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Set up your macOS development environment using Thoughtbot’s Laptop script

One of the things that may prevent us from changing or even just thinking of changing our working environments is the necessity to do all the installations and the configurations that we once set up that are needed for software development. Fortunately, there is a cure for this pain. Laptop is a script that prepares your working macOS machine for web and mobile development.

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