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Month: December 2017

Repeat your Trello cards using Card Repeater

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Trello is a really helpful tool for managing your tasks. It has a very intuitive user interface, and comes up with a lot of features that you can use. If you use it for your personal or professional tasks, you may probably have a few cards that need to repeat on a regular basis. Examples of these types of tasks can be weekly meetings with your team, sending a review report, or reading a book for 10 minutes per day. Fortunately, there is a power-up extension for Trello that you can use to make it easier for you to add these repetitive cards.

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Reduce Chrome’s RAM usage with “The Great Suspender” extension

Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used web browsers. It is also one of the browsers that takes so much of your RAM, which has led many people to switch to other more lightweight browsers. There is a really great Chrome extension that reduces the amount of RAM that your Chrome uses.

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How to prepend “a” or “an” before words using Ruby

One of the main reasons why we as developers love programming in Ruby is because of the freedom that it gives to us. Having the autonomy to do something is one of the core pillars of motivation. In this article, we will briefly see how you can write a method that you can then call for each of your string objects, prepending an “a” or “an” before words.

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I became a Ruby on Rails and React contributor and you can too

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I am really grateful that I have managed to contribute to a few open source projects, including the ones that I currently use on a regular basis: Ruby on Rails and React. My contributions are very minor fixes, and suggestions, and may not be that much worthy of the praise, but I want to use this article to inspire you to go and make your own contributions as well.

One of my core values is contribution and helping others. That’s one of the reasons why I love to write articles, and also contribute back to the very projects that I have benefitted from over the years.  

Although major frameworks that are largely used have gone through tons of reviews and careful analysis over the years, there is always room for improvement or addition. This means that you are not only able to fix bugs, or improve something that is already implemented, but you can also implement new features as well. Continue reading

Remove duplicate items from the left menu on rails_admin with this configuration

Img source: Stackoverflow

I recently had an issue with Rails Admin, which was displaying duplicate models in the left hand side menu. It was something that I had not encountered before, and it turned out, it was a rare occasion, as I could not find that much coverage about it. I also saw that this unanswered question related to this problem was published more than a year and a half ago in StackOverflow. This is the reason why I decided to write this post. Continue reading

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