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Month: November 2017

A very efficient way to do string concatenations in Ruby

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It is very difficult to think about an application that does not have any string data type. Names, emails, object attributes, etc. are very common. Knowing their wide usages, it is obvious that we should at least learn the best practices about them. I recently learned about the difference between the efficiency of two similar string functions, which was a bit surprising and that made me write this article. Although both methods do the concatenation of strings, there is a big difference in their performance.

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Integrate search forms in your projects with Ransack gem


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It is highly likely that you will have to work on a project that has some type of search forms implemented. Fortunately, as with many other type of functionalities that you can easily get out of the box without writing too much code in Rails projects, there is also a gem that is specific for this purpose. Ransack is a Ruby gem that enables the creation of both simple and advanced search forms for Ruby on Rails projects.

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Improve the quality of your sleep using F.lux app

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It’s no doubt that we are using our devices almost all the time, especially before going to bed. Screens produce blue light, which mimics the sunlight and sends mixed signals to our brains about the bed time. As a result, we may not be able to sleep, even though we have put the head on the pillow thirty minutes ago. F.lux is a free app for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iPad, which fixes this: It regulates the screen color of your device and mimics the sunlight during the day, and indoor-like lights during the night.

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Debug your Ruby code using ByeBug gem


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It is no doubt that one of the activities that takes most of the time of software developers is debugging. We as programmers can make many mistakes, which may lead to many bugs that need to be fixed. One of the best ways to fix these bugs, understand the flow of an application, or implement new features is through debugging. ByeBug is a great Ruby gem that helps us fix bugs and debug projects by going through each line. It is similar to pry, with additional functionalities. 

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