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Month: June 2017

Create ready-to-deploy-to-Heroku Rails apps with suspenders gem

Rails is one of the most popular web development frameworks. For those who do not know, it represents a compilation of many commonly used programming libraries written in Ruby, and that comes with the pattern of convention over configuration. In other words, it saves you a lot of time by avoiding the need to repeat the same initial procedures of setting up a project and so you only need to start implementing the business logic. Continue reading

Dependency Injection Types in Spring

In this article, we will initially see the meaning of Dependency Injection (DI), and then get to know the different types of bean injection in Spring. Continue reading

How to convert an UploadCare image to CarrierWave in Ruby on Rails

Img source: getapp.com

CarrierWave is a Ruby gem that provides a really easy way to upload files from Ruby applications. UploadCare is similar to it, but with a small difference: When you upload an image using UploadCare, then you will receive a CDN (Content Delivery Network) URL, which will be saved in your database.

Continue reading

Vim isn’t that scary – Five free resources you can use to learn it

There is no doubt that everything unknown may be frightening. The unknown is usually followed by a type of resistance. Vim is not an exception. Still, despite the fact that a StackOverflow question asking about ways of exiting from it has been seen more than one million times, it is one of the most used editors by developers around the world.

Many people who do not use Vim are accustomed with other editors and think that they do not need to switch to it. They do not want to leave their comfort zone, because they think that Vim takes too much time and effort to be learned and that does not make that much of a difference after all.

By taking the time to read this article, you have shown that you already possess some type of interest about Vim. Before we see some resources that make it easier for you to learn Vim, let’s see the reasons why should we use this 1980s text editor. Continue reading

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