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Month: May 2017

Ego is the enemy for software developers

I recently finished reading the book “Ego is the Enemy”, by Ryan Holiday and came up with many valuable advice and I decided to write this article.

When you hear the word enemy, you probably think about regular expressions, bugs, deployments, meetings and deadlines. Actually, in our quest to reach our goals and become the software developers we want to be, we are usually our own worst enemies. Ego is what prevents us from asking for help, learning, collaborating and working hard.
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2 Most Frequent Reasons Why Developers Avoid Writing Tests

Writing tests represents one of those few stages of software development that is usually overlooked, even though it may be one of the most important. Developers mention it and usually are either uncomfortable and prefer not to write tests for their code, or have many excuses for not writing them at all.

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Apps that let you save and access several copied items in your clipboard


Img source: lucasoft.com

If you copy and paste words several times a day, then chances are that you need some help. Have you copied something important and then after you copied something else, that important part that you copied earlier was lost? If that is the case, let me tell you about some really great apps that can help you feel more relaxed and work better along the way. These apps are ways for you to copy and paste many items and refer back to your clipboard history later on without having to open so many unnecessary text files where you want to save your important copies. Continue reading

Learn Programming Like Einstein Learned Physics


Image src: emaze.com

As I wrote in a previous post, one other article that I had the pleasure to write has been published in SimpleProgrammer.com. It is about emulating the patterns of the Nobel Prize winner physicist, Albert Einstein in software development. I invested more than eleven hours in it, taking into account the research, article outline, writing, and reformulating the points that I wanted to mention. It may seem so much time, but I enjoyed writing it, and I am grateful that so many people have found it helpful. Continue reading

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