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Month: December 2016

The fascinating reading habit of Bill Gates

Img source: gatesnotes.com

A very famous quote says, “Leaders are readers”, which might sound as a cliché, but represents a very valid statement. Most of us know Bill Gates as a really successful person who has been able to build one of the largest technological company in the world. He is also one the richest person on Earth. One really important factor that distinguishes him among other things is his commitment to reading. Continue reading

The underrated effect of advertisements in our lives

Img source: ivyexec.com

As we have come to the end of the year, and basically every time throughout the year, it is usual to see so many advertisements about discounts of different products and services. They keep coming in different types of media, like TV, social media, or email, to make sure you get informed about them. This affects ourselves and the people that we stand with. We then tend to think that buying new things is the only solution to our problems.  Continue reading

Disability is not an obstacle to success

Img source: under30ceo.com/

When we hear about Elon Musk, Michael Jordan, Stephen Hawkings, Bill Gates and many other people who have accomplished so many incredible things, we might start to think that they are simply born with all those abilities that have made them possible to accomplish what they are known for. We might not be guilty to think like that, as media is constantly showing up only the successes that they have had. Continue reading

Lessons from my 30 Day Challenge: Journaling

Img source: michaelhyatt.com

Img source: michaelhyatt.com

In the end of October, I wrote an article publicly declaring that I will start a new 30 day challenge of journaling every single day. Fortunately, it went really well. I journaled every single day for a month and now I am planning to continue this habit of journaling. Here I am going to tell you how did I manage to pull this off on a regular basis.

This is my second 30 day challenge that I announced publicly in my blog. Previously, during the first half of this year, I wrote that I wanted to do a workout session every day for a month, but I was not consistent during that time. After learning a few lessons the hard way going through my previous challenge, I decided to implement them during this new one. Continue reading

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