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Month: October 2016

30 Day Challenge: Journaling

Journaling can help an individual record the events that have happened in life, collect ideas, solve problems and make decisions. It has been mentioned repeatedly from a lot of authors of self-help books and articles as a very powerful tool for one’s change. One great article that I have read today has made me consider to make journaling as a daily routine. To help me with that, I am starting a new 30 day challenge, starting from tomorrow. Continue reading

How to drastically minimize the time you waste on Facebook

Img src: medium.com

Img src: medium.com

If you do not use Facebook these days, then you might be perceived as a stranger among others, as more than 1.7 billion people around the world use Facebook. You might have at least a few hundred contacts added as friends and a lot of them might be posting new statuses daily. This means that you are regularly wasting a lot of time simply by checking their latest updates. I do not mean that these are things that are not that important, but I want to emphasize that a major part of them might be useless or checked later, and not during your working hours.  Quitting Facebook might be perceived as something not that kind in a society where it is a norm to be part of it, but there are a few ways that you can use to minimize the time you spend on it. Continue reading

A data structure (Collections) usage compass for Java Developers

Img source: Andrew.cmu.edu

Img source: Andrew.cmu.edu

No matter whether you are developing a simple application helping your grandmother quickly text her daughter, or a complex enterprise application, it is highly likely that you will use some sort of data structure. Data structure are not only a very good way of storing and organizing data, but they are also a standardized way of managing data properly.  It is crucial for a software developer to know data structure, and also when to use a particular type of them when trying to solve a problem. With the correct data structure, the developer should not only have the means to solve the problem effectively, but also efficiently. In this article, you can see a data structure usage compass, intended more for Java Developers. Continue reading

Doing the right thing is the right thing


Img source: asme.org

Img source: asme.org

There are a lot of things that are constantly competing for our attention, but not all of them are the right things to be done for the moment. We might not be ready, feel motivated, or simply think that doing something that is important is supposed to be postponed for an undefined time. Moreover, having a lot of things to do can be overwhelming and can cause us frustrations. Usually, starting to do something is one of the most difficult part and is perceived with an underestimated importance, as it is not used enough especially when people are procrastinating. Another important tip that is underestimated is the fact that the more you do something, the more you want to do it. Continue reading

Breaking insecurities through writing

imagesI have been writing in this blog for quite some time now and have shared in social media a very small portion of the articles that I have written. I did not know the exact reason behind this strange hesitation that I had, so I decided to write about the actual reasons that I was not consciously aware of. After writing all the reasons that I thought were preventing me from sharing them, I figured out that none of them was something that should be considered as something reasonable. After seeing that there was not anything that could be taken seriously, I started sharing new articles from this blog and thus saw a considerable increase of readers of them. I have also used this similar technique to face some difficult situations that I have been in and have found it quite powerful and would like to share it with you and mention some of the reasons that I think make it efficient. Continue reading

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