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Month: August 2016

You are never ready, you simply have to do it anyway

Img src: www.kentconstructingexcellence.co.uk

Img src: kentconstructingexcellence.co.uk

A couple of days ago, as I was discussing with a friend of mine about a plan that we had being talking about in the past, he questioned whether we are ready to dive into it or not. This is something that I have also encountered in a number of occasions with others and myself too. In fact, I am aware of a regular trend that has consistently shown up in my experience in most cases when I started something that was outside of my comfort zone. Continue reading

Time estimations of task completion can help you be more productive

Img source: ux.stackexchange.com

Img source: ux.stackexchange.com

Having a long pile of to do items can be overwhelming. Organizing them based on their importance and urgency should be the filters that we should use most of the time. However, there might be also be another useful filter that can come in hand at times when we are not sure that the above mentioned filters are pointing to the right task to be done at a certain period of time. This important filter is the estimation of the time needed for tasks that are on our to-do lists to be completed. Continue reading

Appreciate what you already have

Img source: www.6seconds.org

Img source: www.6seconds.org

There are a lot of things that we currently do not have and wish we had, despite the fact that we have a lot of other ones that a lot of other people only dream about. We tend to always look for more things, and aspire to have more, and we forget to appreciate what we currently possess. It is no secret that we might never get all the things that we might want to have, because it is almost impossible.

Continue reading

Managing major important priorities each week

Source: quotesgram.com

Source: quotesgram.com

Yesterday I came across this idea of setting three major priorities at the beginning of each week and do the best out of your efforts to knock them down before the start of the next upcoming week. It sounds really simple and people might start to neglect it, saying that it can be only used by people who are engaged in only a few things, but actually this advice comes from a person who is engaged in a lot of things. Continue reading

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