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Month: July 2016

Combat procrastination by questioning the reasons of its occurrence

Perfectionism procrastinationProcrastination is something that at some point at in our lives we have done it, no matter how disciplined we might look like in front of the others, or how many things we have done so far. It is something that we still do it here and there because of different factors. Being able to identify the reason of its occurrence is one of the most important steps that might help you to combat it.

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Why do we quit before finishing something?

Source: johnchow.com

Source: johnchow.com

A few weeks ago a thought came to mind about the reason why I let my guard down before I finish doing something. I almost finished doing a task that I had to do and almost at the end of it, I found myself thinking that I have already finished it so maybe it is time to move on something else. Then I had less motivation to continue as hard as up to that point. I identified the false reasoning that was behind this thought that has kept repeating in my life. Continue reading

Know yourself more by writing the opinions that occupy your mind the most

Source:  quotationof.com

Source: quotationof.com

Knowing yourself is really critical, especially at these times where you can meet a lot of critics who can put you down or people who appraise and which raise and give you more merits than you actually deserve. Know yourself and the level at which you are in at your career or at different slices of your life and enable yourself the possibility of having a solid and objective ground which you can use for further improvements. Continue reading

Minimize context switching to improve the quality of the work that you do 

Source: business2community.com

Source: business2community.com

In a podcast interview, the famous author and professor Cal Newport while talking about the Deep Work, he mentioned among other things that people should strive to minimize the number of context switches from one task to another, because this way we are able to save a lot of time and attention that can be invested in valuable things. Continue reading

The CV of failures of a Princeton university might surprise you

FailCV_1024What you are about to read might surprise you. It might break the conventional belief that is hold by a lot of us that people who are successful and performing at the top of their fields never failed in their past. We think that they are just born to be great and never had any wasted effort. However, this is far from the actual truth. Continue reading

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