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Month: June 2016

Do not expect it to get easier, start doing it the hard way

Source: toddnielsen.com

Source: toddnielsen.com

Everybody is looking for a shortcut. Be a great programmer in a short period of time. Become a best-selling author with a book written in two days with no prior experience. Become a millionaire without working on any project, or not having a job at all. Continue reading

Dealing with big goals that seem too far away

Source: theheavypurse.com

Source: theheavypurse.com

I read a post on Facebook, someone mentioned that he used to have a big goal that seemed like a lifetime achievement that he used to try to achieve, yet never took any action to do something in this regard. After breaking it into smaller pieces, he had made huge progress towards accomplishing it. He used a way of describing that initial goal which made me write this article. Continue reading

How to increase your motivation to learn something “boring”

LearningIt is usually inevitable to stumble upon a certain topic that you have to learn, but that you simply do not find any compelling reason to learn it. You are procrastinating, browsing Facebook and doing everything else instead of learning it. Avoiding it will not help. Something has to be done related to it. This article might inspire you to think and tackle this. A key to open new ways of thinking and solving problems is asking proper questions. Below I have listed a few that can potentially help you in this regard. Continue reading

Use a calendar to log your actual activities

Time log

Source: fingercheck.com

A large portion of our time is wasted and we know that. However, often times we are not aware about the types of things that waste it. We overestimate the time it takes doing something, and underestimate it for some others. Continue reading

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