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Month: March 2016

Goals are meant to change our current state

Source: dumblittleman.com

Source: dumblittleman.com

We all have goals, whether we have set them by ourselves, or the others. Get a degree, get a good job, get married, buy a car and a house and other types of common goals are well spread. These types of goals might be ours, or ones that the family or the society sometimes tries to set for ourselves. Even though they might have good intentions, sometimes they can simply put a lot of stress and pressure upon an individual such that it is unbearable for him. However, goals should not be like that. They are targets that should first and foremost be for us and not against us. Continue reading

LocalStorage, a global HTML5 variable that can be shared across tabs and windows

Source: kirupa.com

Today I would like to tell you a short guide about localStorage variable that is part of HTML5 and that can be used in your web development process. There are times when you might be in need of having a variable that is shared across different tabs or windows of your browser for the same domain, and this is not possible by simply declaring a JavaScript variable. Continue reading

Lessons from my 30 Day Challenge: Exercising everyday

Source: medexpressrx.com

Source: medexpressrx.com

About a month ago, for the first time in my life, I decided to publicly declare e 30 day challenge that I was trying to set for myself. It was about exercising every single day, without excuses. I decided to do this challenge because I had the desire to exercise and knew that it is very helpful for our bodies and brains to exercise on a regular basis. I had been procrastinating and delaying working out for years, even though I knew that I needed to exercise. When a time comes that you do something you had long ago aspired to do, then you can see how many benefits you have already wasted.

I can say that I was not very consistent with my dedication of working every single day, because most of the time I forgot. I did not put any reminder besides publishing a post in my blog, which was not sufficient for me to recall every single day that I had to work out. I sometimes found myself lying in bed in the evening, only to remember that I had not exercised that day. However, I am glad I started this experiment because, besides starting working out at a local fitness gym where a very good friend of mine works as a trainer, I learned a few lessons and tips that I would like to tell you about.   Continue reading

Self-improvement does not mean being self-centered

Source: innovic247.com

Img source: innovic247.com

There a lot of blogs and books of different people that might proclaim to be a very reliable resource of self-improvement. By self-improvement type of blogs, I mean all blogs that are meant to give suggestions about ways of being a better person. Among other things, a person who is very compelled to read such contents might get the initial impression that self-improvement can become an obstacle of a collective group of people, because it simply installs make an individual to be self-centered. Although, this might be the case and that might even be the intention of some writers, but I disagree that it has to be that way. Continue reading

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