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Month: February 2016

Have a progressive mindset: Not yet

Progressive mindsetA lot of us are learned to say that we are not simply meant to do something. We are not meant to become the best at what we do. We are not meant to pursue that dream career that we aspired when we were kids. We cannot leave the legacy that we have been dreaming for a lot years. However it does not matter that it should be like that for the rest of our lives. We can change our mindset and see these as something that we have not accomplished yet, and that there is still some hope, desire and willpower to accomplish them. Continue reading

Delaying procrastination

Source: smartproductivework.com

Source: smartproductivework.com

It is natural for a human being to want to delay doing something later on, or get trapped in procrastination. If we are to choose whether we want to book a flight at 12 or 12.30, it is highly likely that we will choose to go at 12.30. That is the way we tend to see things. That is true for almost anything that we want to do. We keep putting things off and plan to do them later. What if we could simply reverse this order and rather than seeing that particular task as something that should be done later as a task that right now deserves our attention and postpone procrastinating for later on? Continue reading

30 Day Challenge: Exercising everyday


Source: bastyr.edu

One new habit that I want to implement in my daily routines is to exercise regularly. I know that it is very important to workout, but I have been constantly skipping physical exercises. Usually, I had different things to do, and exercising simply was not something that I had in the list of my priorities. I believe I could most definitely find a free spot in my agenda for it, even though I had a lot of things to do. Starting from tomorrow, I want to try a 30 day challenge: Exercising every single day for at least 7 minutes period on a daily basis.


Continue reading

Learning to control our response

smile-cool-backgroundWhen you think about the word successful, who is the first person who comes to mind? Then, if you think it once more, you might probably think about somebody else instead of the first person that you remembered. If you would take about ten minutes to think about this, you might get surprised when you mention another name now, which is quite different instead of the first name that popped up in your head. This is just an experiment of knowing how our response can change over such a short period of time for the same thing even when we are dealing with such a simple question. Continue reading

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