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Month: September 2015

You can change your direction today

source:  cs3240team08.weebly.com

source: cs3240team08.weebly.com

People who have been able to achieve a lot of things that we desire for ourselves seem to be have been born with some sort of geniuses inside themselves that simply made a lot easier for them easier, whether that is Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mandela or Kobe Bryant, though we know that this is not true. Continue reading

Do not misperceive movement with achievement

Source: valleyhope.org

Source: valleyhope.org

Being busy is now trendy. We here this from a lot of people, as they are trying to impress the others by engaging in a few behaviors that might give an impression of them as being hard working people. However, not everybody is actually achieving that are trying to achieve, though they put countless hours working, sweat and effort. Continue reading

“I don’t have time” is not the main reason

bigstock_Turn_Back_Time_10456The granddaddy of all excuses is “I don’t have enough time”, or similar excuses. This is a very frequent answer that we give when we are asked about the reasons that we do not do something that is important for us. Continue reading

Another important reason to write down your goals

Source: attitudes4innovation.com

If you are like me, you already have been hearing a lot of reasons that were mentioned to convince you to have goals, because you should have at least something to aim at, something can inspire you to take action. You do not simply enter in your car and drive 10 kilometers without having any idea about the destination that you are going to. Similarly, this should also serve as a reminder about the importance of having goals that are clear and that are also specifically defined, so that you know whether you achieved them or not. Continue reading

Do not waste too much time on tiny decisions

Source: newsroom.ucla.edu/

Source: newsroom.ucla.edu/

Does it really matter for you to consistently have to worry about the type of clothes that you wear and every kind of food that you will eat for lunch? Would it be better for you to simply put these things on an autopilot mode, where you do not have to decide each day about them, and focus on more important things instead? Continue reading

What is the reason of trying so hard

Source: webdesignerdepot.com

Source: webdesignerdepot.com

It is obvious that there will definitely come a time when you will get tired and different obstacles might even overcome your desire to continue working. It is not just you that you are facing with these types of difficulties, and you will surely not be the last one that will face similar or other ones as well. However, during these moments usually only a few continue their path that they began, without having any shadow of doubt, or at least they have willpower and an intrinsic motivation that drives them. Continue reading

The importance of choosing wisely

shutter-focusThere are just a lot of things that you have to do and there does not seem to be available time to finish everything. Whenever you finish something, other things simply show up and this iteration keeps repeating endlessly. You are simply forced to choose a few things from an infinite list that are waiting and attracting your attention. Continue reading

2 tips on how to better remember other people’s name

Source: digitalmomblog.com

Source: digitalmomblog.com

Sorry, what was your name again?

Maybe you have been repeating this sentence several times in the past, or at least a paraphrase of it, because you did not remember a person’s name that you have met before. In fact, it is probably not your memory problem that you are not remembering that name. By definition, remembering means being able to recall the information that you already know. The time that you met that person before might have been your first occasion that you saw each other, and at that particular moment your focus might have been oriented elsewhere and not in even listening to his/her name. Instead, it is probably because you were trying to think about the things that you are going to say and the facts that you want to mention about yourself that would best represent yourself and make a good impression. Continue reading

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