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Month: August 2015

Use writing as an external brain

Source: 123rf.com

Source: 123rf.com

A lot of times in the past I have thought about something in my head and had the feeling that I already understood and knew how to do something, but when the time of action came, I repeatedly found that I used to skip some important concepts that have actually been gaps that cannot be ignored. I know that I am not the only about this, so that is why I am writing an article, because I want to tell you a good technique that I have found in overcoming this pattern. Continue reading

Use your environment as a reminder for your new behavior

Source: www.dealry.co.uk

Source: www.dealry.co.uk

We often slip off our goals and commitments and the lack of willpower is not the only causer. It is also because we forget about them at all. Fortunately, if we are able to remind ourselves about the new behavior, or a goal that we are after, then it is more likely that we will be able to achieve that new type of behavior, or that particular goal. Frankly, our environment can serve as a good and proper reminder in this regard. Continue reading

Get a better life by building better habits

k-bigpicWe are products of our own behaviors, that we consciously or unconsciously do, also known as habits and the results that we have in our lives are mostly the outcomes of them. According to a study published by Duke University in 2006, we spend more than 40 percent of our time engaged in habitual actions that we do not give a second thought about. Thus, it is very important to improve our habits, if we want to get things that we have not achieved until now. Continue reading

Beat procrastination with the Feynman technique

Feynman technique Richard Feynman was a Nobel Prize winner in Physics who used a method of learning complex things that seems very obvious and immediately makes sense that it is easy, but in fact only a few people use it. I have already mentioned it in a previous blog post as a way of learning and preparing for your exams, and I will not focus on that, but I have had an insight about the way and the possibilities of using this technique as a means of beating procrastination. Continue reading

How to gain more clarity and focus about your goal

focus - glasses

When your goals are clear and compelling, they usually inspire you to take action and taking action is the single most important factor that differentiates people who dream from the people who do make things happen. As a result, it is very important to have clear goals and also focus on them, and this article is written with the purpose of giving you a way on how to achieve that clarity.

Continue reading

A real example on how a busy person read 20-30 books for a few months

ReadingA couple of days ago, a person that I know told me something that surprised me and once again inspired me to believe about the tremendous impact that little acts can have. Only during the year 2015, he has read around 20-30 books despite having a full time job and also having family responsibilities and having to travel about 2 hours each day to go and come back from the workplace. Continue reading

Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday

foto-torre-piedras-fondo-cielo2If you are like me, it is possible that you have been stressing out about a certain event that was about to happen and have been really scared about the possible outcomes that it could have ended up with, only to find out that it was not at all like you were expecting. That thing that was looking very scary in the first place, ended up becoming a valuable experience that did not make us become dived into sweats and break our relationships. It was simply another event that has taught us the importance of paying attention to our work and become more responsible in terms of the quality and the dedication that we devote to our jobs. Continue reading

Consistency is the common denominator of productive people

consistencyIt is easy for you to get inspired once from a movie and go and do fifty push-ups without stopping, but then months pass by and you do not do even a single push-up. It is easy for you to write a great blog article because of the lessons that you have learned from a great book that you have read recently, but then you stop writing and forget that you have a blog at all. It is easy for you to get up early and start working on your most important tasks once a year and then you get back to your normal procrastination mode of not doing your tasks until it becomes almost too late. Continue reading

Do not expect to become a superman in a single month

Source: therisetothetop.com

Source: therisetothetop.com

We often hear different stories of successful people who have been able to accomplish some incredible goals and think that they have been achieving them for a very short period of time, such that they can be even considered as overnight successes, though the truth is too far away from that.  Thus, we then think about ourselves that we are not able to accomplish them. As human beings, we have a lot of areas of our lives and not every one of them needs the same treatment or the same attention the whole time. There are a few areas in our lives that need attention at certain periods of time and if we get better at them during those times, they might have a profound impact in our lives. We should be careful of not trying to become a superman in each area in a single month, but be patient and strategically and wisely plan to improve a few of them according to our circumstances. Continue reading

Do not let perfectionism prevent you from starting

Perfectionism procrastinationIt is important to do your job really well, with the best of your abilities, but if you delay starting working each time, then it might be because that aim for perfectionism is actually becoming an alternate road that is causing you to procrastinate. Continue reading

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