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Month: July 2015

Do not worry too much about your future, it comes too fast

Source: unitesus.com

Source: unitesus.com

We should take responsibility for our own actions and try to improve them, but we should also not be too harsh and hard on ourselves. Moreover, a lot of fears and obstacles might be impeding our progress towards goals, mostly because we see them as things that are against us. Continue reading

Decide as late as possible, but not too late

hasty-decisonsAs I was reading about agile-methods, for the first time I heard about: Lean Software Development, and among its principles, there is also one that might help us become more efficient in our lives. It is about delaying the decision process as much as possible, so that, when you take that decision, it is already based on careful observations and analysis that would bring better outcomes. Continue reading

What are results that you are after

Source: socialmediaexaminer.com

Source: socialmediaexaminer.com

There are usually different ways of achieving something, different pathways that might lead to the same destination and usually the only one that is in front of us might not be the best and the shortest one. Our culture might have shaped our own way of thinking and perceiving the reality, such that we do not realize that the same results that we are after can be achieved through other means. Continue reading

Consider removing the need for motivation from the equation

go_onWe are often not very keen to do our job, to perform our best and to finish off our to-do list because we do not feel motivated and think that we will do better other times when a moment of inspiration comes. This continues on a consistent basis and then becomes a habit, something that you feel better to do than to not do it. If you want to escape this dangerous trap that might spread into other areas of your life as well, you need to do something about motivation. You might even consider removing motivation from the equation of action at all. Continue reading

Do your best at every incremental stage

Life stagesSome of the new popular software development processes are agile methods, which in general tend to be used in cases when we might have unpredictable requirements and changes from the client, so that the development team is constantly getting feedback from the client about the product. They try to implement a way of development that might be considered as new, which is done in incremental stages, where each incremental stage is prepared to get the opinion from the client about its development up to that point. As I was reading a really good essay that describes them, written by Martin Fawler, this part made me realize that we as humans, generally speaking, do not incorporate this into our own lives: Doing our best at every stage. Continue reading

Ignoring problems will not solve them

ProblemToday I stumbled upon an interesting topic where an intern has figured out a bug that he considers as critical and is in a dilemma whether he should report it to the team he is part of. He hesitated to report the bug because he thinks that reporting that bug might cause the other workers to lose their jobs because of their lack of knowledge and carefulness. At the same time, according to the asker, the project, which is due in three weeks, would probably fail if it is released. Continue reading

Learning productivity from the production of iPhone

Source: allthingsd.com

Source: allthingsd.com

Producing an iPhone might be a difficult process, and the factory that produces it always uses the same process of production, thus it does not have to always reconsider this system of production. Yes, it is something that is set up after a lot of regulations made in the past, but after a period of time, it became a process that is regularly used. The same process is used and the same output is produced. It is as simple as that, but we fail to implement it into our own lives. Continue reading

Reaching a goal is like climbing a mountain

Source:  sethskim.com

Source: sethskim.com

We all have goals, whether we are aware of them or not. We might want to get a certain degree, a certain amount of wage per month, a healthy body, or a warm connection with the family. Also, these goals usually change because of the impact of different circumstances. We all wanted to be pilots, sailors or supermans that would travel the world, or save it from the evil, but at some point we gave up from those ideals and stick to something else instead. We did not continue to climb the mountain that we thought in the beginning, but we chose other mountains. Continue reading

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