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Month: June 2015

If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you do today?

lifeIt might sound a little hard to know that today might be the last day of your life, but it can also serve as a powerful reminder about the shortness of life and how distracted you might be while dealing with unimportant endeavors that do not align to your deepest values. If today was the last day that you were alive, would you still be doing the same things that you are doing today? Continue reading

Complex problems are not that complex

Source: abc.net.au

Source: abc.net.au

Complex problems are usually not that complex as they might be perceived in the first sight. They are usually compounded problems that have been built upon over sub-problems that you might have missed the chance of dealing with when they first appeared. Also, not every part of it is actually a problem, though it might look like that. The following paragraphs might help you understand how to deal with them. Continue reading

Finish what you start

marathonA lot of people start enthusiastically running a marathon and are very happy and proud to see other people watching them while running. However, the number of runners who manage to finish the marathon that they start is very small in comparison to the original number of runners that started the difficult journey. If we take this and wonder whether we can learn something from this case, the immediate response that should pop up into our heads is: Yes, we have started countless marathons in our own lives and never finished them. Continue reading

How to add urgency to important tasks

Just-Do-It-NowImagine yourself swimming in the ocean with your friends, where you are the first in your friendly competition. Suddenly, you start to leave them too far behind so that you then feel that you have already won the race and feel the need to take a break by resting in your back. After a few minutes you turn around and you do not see your friends, and suddenly a big shark is coming towards your location. That shark is speeding up as it gets oriented directly towards you. At that moment, would you remember what the others have posted on Facebook, or whether your favorite celebrity has changed the brand of clothes he usually wears? You already have an answer that I might surely guess: at that moment, you are only worried about your survival and everything else is not in your mind. Your most important and most urgent task at that moment is surviving. Continue reading

Bad behaviors are bugs that need to be addressed and need attention

Male Hand with Fist Chained to Linked Cuffs

Computer software cannot be imagined without having any bug at all, whether they are developed by Google, Microsoft or an unknown programmer who is programming in his garage. However this reality does not stop these companies to constantly engage into improving their products, so that there are less bugs into them than before. We humans might have some behaviors or habits that we are not content that we do, but somehow we fall into trap of regularly doing them, and start to think that they are irreplaceable and that there is nothing that we can do about them. Continue reading

The incredible effects of small actions

Source: www.7ideas.net

Source: www.7ideas.net

We are all impressed by success stories, like how incredible was Michael Jordan in basketball, or how smart was Bill Gates in programming to develop such a great operating system. These stories tend to orient us into thinking that these types of results are easy. We only see their results, and nobody mentions the efforts they put and the pain they had felt during the journey of achieving that desirable level of expertise which then produced remarkable results. Moreover, our process of thinking tends to picture them as incredible and as good since their beginnings as they were during their peak performances. Continue reading

Improve your focus by using reminders

Source: aearlycollegeacademy.org

Source: aearlycollegeacademy.or

Your brain is a really great asset that you poses and it is of a crucial importance if you are able to enhance your mental performance. Distractions and notifications are all around the place, pulling your attention towards them and thus, making it hardly possible for your to focus on things that really do make a difference in the quality of your life. Continue reading

Take responsibility for your actions

responsibilityDuring high-school, my biology professor used to say that when students get an A, they say “I got an A”, but when they get an F mark, they say “The professor graded me with F”. When we take a closer look at this, though it might not be something that we like, this is something that we all do no matter what age. Continue reading

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