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Month: May 2015

Break your goals into smaller ones

smart-crm-8-steps-720x654Dreaming big is usually done after getting a moment of inspiration from a hard-to-believe type of story that you hear, but this type of inspiration is lost after a few hours, or after a few days in the best case. You might find yourself in the same position as you were before having that type of dream, and you might start to think that you are not meant to achieve that dream. That is because you did not take any action to turn it into a reality. You did not commit to achieve it. Continue reading

Rethink the areas that you are focusing the most by doing this little exercise

focusA few types of questions might not be perceived pleasantly from someone, because they might not be of the types that would fit to their current model of perceiving the world. They have only been engaging in activities that the others have said and told them to do, and might even think that there is not any other alternative pathway for them. They might be afraid and have a deficiency of determination to consider where are they focusing the most and reflect whether that is worth their attention. Continue reading

The self-delusion about a better future

Source: we-must.com

Source: we-must.com

A lot of people hope for a better future just because that seems to be giving them a relief of the current despair in which they might be in, despite the fact that they are not currently doing anything that would turn that into reality. Continue reading

You are never ready for it, you just need to do it anyway

are you readyThe granddaddy of all procrastinators is having excuses. They are really good at finding excuses that might sound reasonable in the first sight. “I do not have time”, “I am not ready yet”, “I am busy”. However, these are usually attempts to deal and work on the things that are truly important and uncomfortable. Continue reading

Grandmaster of memory Nelson Dellis tells about techniques that help your brain

Nelson DellisTwo weeks ago I wrote an article about the ways that can help you remember more of the things that you have or want to by getting these tips directly from the people that are very good at remembering different things. One of them, specifically, Nelson Dellis said in the same interview, that was mentioned in that article, four tips that can help your brain and your mental capacity against the impact of getting old.   Continue reading

Become aware of your obstacles

obstacle1You might have seen how a fly tries to go outside countless times but does not realize that it is being prevented from an invisible obstacle that is in front of it. It sounds like a nice story, but we humans as we tend to consider ourselves superior creatures, usually fall into the same traps. We do not ponder and reflect about the obstacles that are stopping us, but carelessly try to use the same technique to “go outside”. Continue reading

Your emotions determine your actions

Emotion ActionTwo days ago, one of my tooth was hurting and the dentist was not at the medical ordinance. I was trying to be patient and focus on other things around me just to fade the attention to the pain that I was having, but I suddenly came to realize that a few negative thoughts were popping in my head. While I was sitting next to my family, they were watching TV and not paying attention to me. They tried to help me by giving me a pill that is supposed to soften the pain, but it was not working as fast as I wish it had. Their lack of focus to my pain was suggesting me that they have some disordered priorities: TV is more important to them than me. Continue reading

Stop wasting time on Facebook by turning it into an inbox

News Feed EradictaorFacebook has turned into addiction for a lot of people. Billions of people around the world are using it and this trend seems to continue growing. It has become ubiquitous such that people who are not using it are viewed as strangers by the others. You may be using Facebook to chat with a lot of your friends. A new message that comes can be a distraction to you, because it is a trigger to a downward spiral which you usually find yourself going, which is followed by a lot of wasted minutes, or even hours. Continue reading

Increase your productivity as much as five times by doing your job with a purpose

Source:  digitalbloggers.com

Source: digitalbloggers.com

Employees are the ones that bring success to the companies they work in and are the most valuable asset. As a result of this, companies try to increase their productivity by giving them better conditions and better payments and similar incentives that are intended to make their employees work and life more enjoyable and a fulfilling experience. However, people do not do a job at a certain company just for the money, as Senior Vice President of Google, Laszlo Bock said in an interview. Continue reading

2 tips from Grandmasters of Memory on how to remember anything

Source: blog.oxforddictionaries.com

Source: blog.oxforddictionaries.com

I have not identified myself as a person who remembers things that I am supposed to recall later, but I do not want to stay with that type of identity for the rest of my life. Thankfully, I have stumbled upon two interviews from Grandmasters of Memory that do not claim to have any special inborn skills of memorization, but rather have been training and getting very good at it. What you are about to read is an article with the tips that they recommend to other people that can profoundly improve your ability to remember things. Continue reading

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