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Month: April 2015

Do not kill me with those slides: A tip on how to make better presentations

Texty_pptA lot of lectures and talks are accompanied with presentations in which a lot of information is put in every slide of that presentation. This makes it difficult for a person in the audience to read it and also  prevents that person from the actual listening of the lecture that is being given. In other words, the audience is multitasking during your talk: trying to read your slides and simultaneously listening your lecture, but they most probably will not learn and gain information as much as you might have wished.   Continue reading

We must be present in today

be here nowA lot of things happen in our lives and only a few of them start to shape our opinions and the story we tell about ourselves. We have been late for a meeting or for work, and we try to identify ourselves as people who are always late. We have been finishing our projects and our homework only a few hours before the deadline and as a consequence of that, we identify ourselves as procrastinators. Additionally, we tend to start to get stressed out because of a difficult project that is in the future and because one of your colleagues will take a week off of work. These type of events are probably going to steal you the chance of enjoying the present. Continue reading

Reduce your wasted time on the internet by using a check list

Check-listI have been continuously falling into the trap of having something in mind to do when I open up my laptop, but when I actually sit next to it, I usually forgot what I wanted to do and entered into a downward spiral. This has been done repeating itself, even today, despite the fact that I have already read an article on how to deal with similar occurrences. I would like to introduce you to the check list method of deciding what it is that you want to accomplish before you start your internet browsing. Continue reading

Do not use your past as an excuse for your inactivity

Extreme-Lazy-15When somebody achieves a goal, he or she usually tends to get a good feeling and starts to think about himself or herself as an unstoppable person who is constantly successful and that his or her success yesterday might be sufficient for him or her today. There is a great quote that might serve as a proper counterargument against that opinion. Continue reading

Rethinking the internet connection during the work period

internet addictionInternet seems to be ubiquitous and life seems not to be normal without it. However, if we take a look at the past, we can understand that famous personalities such as Einstein or Newton or Aristotle did not use internet, yet produced remarkable results that have had huge contributions. Before you take a stand of arguing that internet is really important these days because of the fact that it saves you a lot of time, maybe it is time to rethink your approach towards its usage, especially during your workday.  Continue reading

Set an ending point to your tasks

li-unpaid-intern-istock-000002000957smallTony Buzan in his book “Use your head” mentions that when a student sits down to study and does not have a clear ending point, he will not be able to properly focus because he will be constantly having the feeling that he will be studying forever. He will be constantly battling with his motivation and find it difficult to learn the material in front of him, because he does not know when the next break will be, or how would the task look when it is done. Continue reading

Work passionately toward worthy goals

victorious-fitnessWe are all going to die. This is inevitable. However, our work that is characterized with excellence can continue to stay and help us stay alive even after our death. As a result of this, we should treat our work as one of our main priorities and missions in life that we try to pursue each day. Continue reading

“Alice in the Wonderland” tells you the importance of having goals

Empty-Backdrop-from-Alice-in-Wonderland-disney-crossover-29437471-1424-1080Alice in the Wonderland is a famous novel that was turned into a movie and a part of a conversation between Alice and the cat inspired me to write this article. It is a very short passage that I took from the movie, but that might be very important and crucial to keep in mind, because of the significance of the meaning that it represents. Continue reading

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