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Month: March 2015

An intuitive way of learning what is a variable in a programming language

Variable-in-JavaA lot of enthusiasm is being shown towards programming and it has become a very important endeavor that a lot of people areconstantly joining it. There are a lot of programming languages out there and each one of them have their own characteristical features, but a very common element that pops us in a lot of them is a variable. Continue reading

If you reached a goal, set another one

achievement goalWhen you reach an important goal that you have been putting a lot of effort to accomplish, you might feel gorgeous, and have the impression about yourself that you are now a successful person. You have been reached the top of a mountain, after a long journey that you had to pass and a lot of difficulties that you had to overcome. However, when you are staying on top of that mountain, you might be lucky if there is not any higher mountain that is excepting you to go. Continue reading

Facebook is not the only way of communication

facebook-logo-300x300A few days ago I was talking with a friend of mine who told me that he was in a lot of stress, because he has been working on a project for a while, but there appeared an error with the setup of the project, just one day before the deadline. As if that was not enough, he was online on Facebook and was a bit surprised, because I see Facebook as a very good tool of distraction. I suggested him to sign out from Facebook and concentrate on his task instead, but he had a reason. He said that Facebook was the only way he could communicate with the other two people that have been collaborating with him in the project. That excuse gave me the idea to write an article on how to deal with these types of situations and solve the problem of communication. Continue reading

Stop complaining and start solving the problems

Team of construction worker with equipmentSooner or later you will face problems that might be a bit hard to swallow. The can be so painful and difficult to deal with such that it is a bit unconventional to not start complaining about them. However, complaining will not remove the problem, nor will bring a beneficial result. Taking the means of solving the problems will change the outcome. Continue reading

Your laziness might be just a thought

todo2You are constantly thinking something, whether that is about your past events or situations, your current state and task that you are dealing with, or a future plan that you have put on your to-do list. Sometimes it is possible that among these cases, you might not feel inspired and ready to do your work, and a new thought pops up into your head that you might not be doing the right job, or that you have not found the passion of your life yet. You start to make different false connections in your mind to justify these situations, and maybe even identify these cases as indicators that you have are not productive; you are a lazy person. Wait a second: what if that is just another thought that is probably wrong? Continue reading

1-2-3 rule that can help you build relationships

RelationshipYesterday I was travelling by bus and I wanted to talk to a person who was staying behind me, but I was somehow feeling uncomfortable doing that. I hesitated in the beginning and then I started to think that I will not look good in front of him and then the overthinking paralyzed me and stopped me to start the conversation that I wanted to make. I have read before about a method that would help me start the conversation, but I did not implement it in this case and I regret that lost moment. Continue reading

An analogy about the difference between knowledge and information

8-Knowledge-is-powerWe hear these two words a lot of times, sometimes they are used in place of the other one. Because currently in this blog I am writing mostly about self-improvement, I will try to illustrate a minor, but very important difference that exist between them. First, I will explain their definitions and those definitions will be used below. Continue reading

How one dress can improve your life

dress-7On February 26, an image of a dress showed at a Tumblr page, for which people were arguing whether it has a black and a blue color, or a white and a yellow color. A lot of people started to give their opinion based on their look and say which type of color they saw, and found it a bit weird that their opinion was not the same as the opinion of other people. I was curious to see this image and, because I am a bit biased, I tend to view things from different points of view that are mostly related with extracting the benefits from them. As a resultĀ I decided to write this article about the lessons that we can get from this dress that got a lot of attention recently. Continue reading

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