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Month: February 2015

Risk-driven approach of making decisions

act plan checkYesterday during the Software Engineering class, the professor mentioned the Boehm’s spiral model which is a risk-driven software process framework, which was proposed by Boehm in the year 1988. This model assumes that changes are a result of project risks and includes explicit risk management activities to reduce these risks. Even though it was mentioned in a Computer Science class, it made me think about the potential implementations that this method can have in our self-improvement journey. Continue reading

Before you start a task, ask yourself whether you should do it at all

Effective managerIf you go to a restaurant and order a meal, you are automatically given the right to get as much salt as possible for free. However, just because it is free, you do not end up putting a lot of salt into your meal, as it will decrease its taste. Similarly, you should not do a lot of things just for the sake of your capabilities of doing them.

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Start your day with this small habit

its gonna be a great dayIt is not secret that a lot of people wake up being tired, uninspired and afraid to face the world, because of a challenging project that they have to do, or a tiring report that they have to write for their boss. This way the alarm clock gets a usual knock down and the snooze button is exhausted of repeated presses that your finger does, while you are still having a dream of swimming with dolphins. Two hours later, you get into your job late and find an angry face of your boss pointing figures at you for the declining rate of the profits of the company. However, a simple habit could change your day. Continue reading

Your email might not be the most important part of your job

Not-in-emailTreehouse is a rare company that has been going against all the odds: despite the fact that it does not use email, it has become an example of success. Yes, you read that well. Even in the twenty-first century and being as an Oregon-based tech company, it should impress us and make us think that email might not be that important. Continue reading

Want to change the world? Start making your bed

bedThere are people out there that are very ambitious and that want to have their name included in history books, so that their children can be proud of their ancestors. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, but these type of goals usually require a lot of time to manifest and happen, and they might give the person a lot of stress. However, these ambitious people can start their journey towards their objectives, with something very small such as making the bed.

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The insanity of getting too much advice

overwhelmHave you ever tried to ask a lot of people about the same topic, looking for an advice and then you never even started following any of it, because you did not know which one to follow? If this scenario is familiar to you, then that is because you have gotten a lot of advice that might have come from different perspectives. All these advice could have been overwhelming to you, and you did not have any clue where to start. Continue reading

A lesson from the match between Tyson vs. Boston Douglas: Have a reason

Tyson Douglas2 days before his match with the undefeated back then Mike Tyson, Buster Douglas’s mother died.  Douglas was preparing for one of the most difficult challenges that he had until that time of his life and another calamity hit his life. It is obvious that it was a very hard period for him, yet he managed to beat the ‘undisputed’ heavyweight champion of that time Mike Tyson via knockout, because he had a reason. Continue reading

Lessons from Windows 10: Upgrade yourself’s operating system

Unlock mindsetWindows 10 is one of the latest operating systems that has been announced recently, and new versions of Windows series have been produced throughout the years. Its first version was released nearly 30 years ago and it differs so much, that it would be even difficult for a stranger to identify them as units of the same family.

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