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Month: January 2015

Speed reading is not effective and science confirms it

Speed readingAbout two years ago I started practicing speed reading, because I wanted to read more and the challenge of reading more books per year excited me. I started to quickly move my eyes through the lines, because I had the opinion that not everything included in a text is with the same importance and not being able to recall a lot of things seemed normal. However, I was a bit ashamed that sometimes I wasn’t able to recall almost anything from a chapter, because I found myself tending to be impressive by showing the others that I was able to read a lot of pages for a short period of time. Continue reading

What samurai warriors can teach us about productivity

SamuraiRyan Holiday in his book “The obstacle is the way” mentions  one of the greatest samurai warriors that ever lived, Miyamoto Musashi, to be the type of the person who was able to fight against multiple opponents, even without a sword.

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Motivate yourself by using the principle of progress

Progress-Indicators-in-Online-SurveysAccording to the study that was conducted by the professor at Harvard Business School, Teresa Amabile, “Of all the things that can boost inner work life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work.” Continue reading

Prioritize your regrets – Learn how to take advantage of your past mistakes

regretIs there anything that you wish you did yesterday, but you didn’t? If not yesterday, how about last week, month or year? If your answer is no, then you might not need to keep reading on. However, if you are like me and wish you used the opportunities in the past, then you can continue to read. Continue reading

Manage your energy

productivityTime management is one of the most wide-spread advice we hear that can help us be more productive. However, you and I are witnesses of our own personal experience of periods when we had a considerable amount of time available, but we couldn’t concentrate properly and get anything done at all. Aside from planning our day according to your priorities, it is of a crucial importance to bear in mind the fact the you should try to also manage your energy. Continue reading

You don’t need a tool, you need a plan

productivity-640x309We are constantly being bombarded by thousands of tools and apps that try to attract us to use them, that we are even being into dilemmas about which tool should we choose. Instead of first having a motive, then a plan about what we want to accomplish, we try to begin with a search on Google about the best tool. Even though there are some really good tools that can make your work easier, usually the type of tool is not the main culprit, but yourself, because you are trying to hide and avoid the uncomfortable work. Don’t believe me? Let’s take some examples.

What does productivity mean to you

increase productivityLast night I had the pleasure of being an attender of the free webinar about productivity held by the team behind AsianEfficiency.com. Zachary Sexton lectured about some tips that have the potential to make you more productive, but he didn’t want to let the audience passive, so  he gave us time to write some answers about some questions related to productivity. Among the questions, there was also the question where we were asked to talk about the definition of productivity that we had.

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Help your resume with the help of a fictive one

impressive resumeA lot of people seem to be very enthusiastic about the beginning of a New Year and the new opportunity that it brings, but this enthusiasm usually fades after a few weeks. First of all this can be as a result of a lack of clarity that accompanies their planning and vividness of the goals that they want to achieve. They aren’t seeing a clear target and as a result they aren’t being attracted and inspired to take action. Maybe doing a little trick will help your resume and you to fix this mist.

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