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Month: December 2014

Overthinking your tasks is preventing you from the actual work

OverthinkingI have seen myself procrastinating countless times, with the justification of not being in the right mood , or I was thinking that this is not the right moment to start doing my tasks, despite the prior planning. In other words, more often than not, I was only giving excuses, because I was only overthinking things and hoping for a better time that will somehow improve the circumstances and push me on the other end. According to American Psychological Association, 20 percent of U.S. men and women are chronic procrastinators and I have previously mentioned some methods that can help you beat it. 2 minutes rule can help you start acting instead of scrolling up and down on Reddit, and in this post I will tell you two quick steps that might also help you. Continue reading

An unconvetional way of treating the deadline that can make us more productive

Calendar with Deadline CircledA lot of people do not manage to finish their tasks on time as they are supposed to do and for this there might be several reasons. Deadline is a commonly used word in different areas of life and the two words that when combined form it can help us get a new insight on how we should consider it and that can make us more productive. Continue reading

The importance of having good relationships between teachers and students

3416Teaching is an art of preparation and elaboration of one’s knowledge and wisdom, that is closely related with the methods used to teach. For this reason a person who takes the responsibility to give lectures and help other people learn despite knowledge should also possess proper manners and patience of behaving. While we are living in an age of abundant information, where information is only a few clicks away, the art of teaching should be mostly circulating around the ability of the teacher in relating well with students.

Initially, being able to connect with the ones whom you are teaching results with the opportunity of identifying students’ weaknesses. Hence it will be easier to address and work on them, thus ending up being more efficient, instead of trying to make broad generalizations. Continue reading

Turn your problems into projects

create-opportunites-300x199Have you ever been wondering why is it so easy for you to give advice to others, but when it comes to finding pathways after facing roadblocks you get stuck? This is something that is not happening only with you and you should not blame yourself. However, it is not something that you cannot work on and improve.

Continue reading

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