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Month: November 2014

Face to face communication is still better than other ways of communication

email-phone-face-to-faceDespite the benefits of modern ways of communication that now make it easier than ever before, face-to-face communication is still better than texting, calling, or sending an email. Even though sometimes it is more comfortable to communicate by sending a short email without having to move from your working chair, it seems a not very proper way to communicate as it avoids the need of presence of some necessary elements that make face-to-face interaction a more desirable means of a relationship. Continue reading

You should do your most important tasks, so start fast and end slow

procrastinateThere are at least a few things that we all should accomplish, but we do not start doing them. Procrastination is a really serious problem nowadays. To illustrate this, we can take as an example the work of Professor Piers Steel from the University of Calgary. The esteemed Professor was doing some studies about procrastination and was supposed to finish them for five years, but because he himself procrastinated, it took him twice as much to finish the work he started. And even though there are dozens of time-management tips and tricks that proclaim to make you start doing the things you have been delaying to accomplish, a lot of them aren’t helpful. Continue reading

How skateboarding can save our schools

Skateboard_facility_at_GuantanamoWe all agree that learning is really important, but it might not be done and represented in the best form during lectures in our schools. That is why we see children happily engaged playing different computer games and spend a lot of time on them and usually not care that much about learning and doing their homework. Some of the reasons why children aren’t learning is because they aren’t properly educated and informed about the value that it has, and also because of the way used to treat learning. Continue reading

Age is not an excuse for failing to learn a new language. See what might help

learn-new-languageLearning a foreign language can usually be seen as a very difficult task to do, especially if you didn’t learn that language when you were younger. But this doesn’t seem to be true, because according to a research, this belief is false and that age is not a valid excuse for failing to learn a new language. Let’s investigate maybe one of the main reason why children are better in learning a new language compared to old people, which has been as a factor to form that belief about the potential impact of age in learning a new language. Continue reading

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