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Month: June 2014

Focus Booster can help you focus more on your work

Focus BoosterIt has been said that being able to focus will be the superpower  of this century, because we live in a time when a large amount of information is racing towards us that want to attract our attention.  Self-control is over-rated, so we should try to better manage our focus and our time in order to be more productive. The famous protagonist Odysseus from the Homer poem demanded his sailors tie him to the mast so that he wouldn’t take a swan dive off the starboard side when he heard the alluring singing of the Sirens. He tried to take measures to better control himself, because he was aware about the distractions that were during his journey. I am not saying that you should try to do the same thing, but if you want to get an important thing done, then you should try to take it seriously and take measures to accomplish that and not give excuses. Continue reading

Suggestion for a new button on Twitter: Put me where I was last

twitter Twitter is a place where I spend a lot of time and I really like it, because of some really helpful features that are included in it, like getting in touch with different people, that I know and that I can know with just a few clicks, being very close with real-time information from different news aggregators (it is like a RSS feed alternative) and also about its simplicity. Continue reading

2 minutes to beat procrastination

productivityI thank you for clicking the link to read this article and one of the first excuses that you may have before even continuing reading it is that you will read this article later. You may be getting  that excuse  consciously or unconsciously, but I would try to write this article as short as possible, describing this awesome  way that maybe can cure this disease that sometimes affects all of us. I have been using it and I can say that it has been very effective in stopping the delay of doing the things that I had to do and start acting instead.

I have learned this from James Clear, but I decided to write this article in order to make this method more famous, by also linking it with other references, and to also remind myself about the benefits from it. Continue reading

How to speed up YouTube videos

Faster YouTubeNow you can learn a lot of things from the internet, from different websites like Wikipedia, Coursera, YouTube, Udacity, Udemy etc., but you may not be interested in spending a lot of time with some beginner stuff. I know that the last sentence may sound a bit rude about people who are just starting to learn something, but it was not my intention to do that. In reality, we are all beginners at a certain period of time. In this post I will be talking about watching videos faster on YouTube, or to be more specific: speeding your process of learning on YouTube, by watching some videos faster. (You can use this method on other videos too, but I prefer to use it mostly on videos about learning.) Continue reading

Is Social Media greater than Education?

socialmedia-addictionMore than half of the population of the world actually uses social media and finding someone who is not using them is very rare, that it can even be seen as a strange occasion. And also, the vast majority of the adults use social media during a good portion of the day, that in fact resembles a lot of hours wasted only on scrolling down the wheel of the mouse, or swiping on a smartphone. Only a few friends of mine don’t use Facebook, because they see it as a big waster of time, so they have been able to resist using it. Continue reading

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