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Month: May 2014

How to escape from the trap of your inbox  

EmailsIt’s not unknown that email is one of the most unproductive thing, because, even though it serves as a mean of communication, it takes so much time and interrupts many processes and, trying to escape its trap would be a beneficial thing.

I have been trying to learn about a lot of tricks and habits about emails, like filters, redirections and so on, and in this article I will try to share a simple, but effective technique that can save you a lot of time.

I have three email addresses that I use right now and I have opened them in order to be more productive, get more important things done and have a fulfilling feeling at the end of the day. One is my main one, where I get all the emails from my Professors, friends, colleagues and social media (where I use a lot of filters to organize them in different categories). The other one is my Mailing List inbox, where I get the emails from websites that I have subscribed to, like CalNewport.com, ZenHabits.net and JamesClear.com. And the third one is my Send only inbox, which I use when I need to only send an email and that I don’t want to see whether somebody has sent me anything or not. Continue reading

How NOT to pass an exam

How to studyWe always hear a lot of advice about approaches and tricks on how to pass an exam and if we fail using them, we simply try again and again, but we are not aware that sometimes we are unconsciously admitting to fail. In this article I will try to make a pattern about the actions that may lead to not pass an exam.

Do not attend your lectures

Even though some of them may not be as efficient as we would like them to be and they can be early in the morning, or late during the afternoon, lectures are really important and skipping them can have a considerable impact in a few more hours needed to understand and learn something.  Continue reading

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