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Month: April 2014

OMG, I didn’t check my email until 6pm

emailatIt went 6 pm and, believe me, I didn’t check my email until that time. I had to learn something and I had lecturers earlier, so I didn’t have time to check it, but, I am still alive and the world didn’t go upside-down.

Even though I don’t usually get more than 10-20 emails per day, I sometimes waste too much time by just checking it, because I simply begin to read what it is on it and there is a Facebook notification for a private message that I get and I go there to reply, and I end up spending a lot of minutes by simply scrolling down the page and not doing anything entertaining and productive.

In fact, the part-time job that I do is depended on using email, but I have already opened another email account to use it only as an Outbox and I do not show it to others, because I only want to send emails from it, which I learned from the New York Times best-selling author, Tim Ferriss (more on this later). So,  when I said I didn’t open my email today, I meant my main email that I use for getting and sending messages.

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How can we learn to be happy from a computer programming method

coding-national-curriculum-computingWe are all trying to live a better life each day, by trying to replace our old gadgets and places where we live, work and learn and we are trying to do a lot of different activities, but the happiness and calm seems to be in a far island that is constantly attracting our attention and we are in a never ending journey. But, we should stop and think about this a bit more and try to change our blueprint.  I have found a thing in a computer programming language that can actually learn us to be happy.

For those of you who don’t know, a method in programming is an ability or a behavior of an object or entity to do something, for example println() is a method in Java language that can print a piece of text and that is invoked when we try to print things in a console.

In Java, there is also a method called random(), that, according to the documentation, returns a double value with a positive sign, greater than or equal to 0.0 and less than 1.0.  Continue reading

“I am ready to give up when I haven’t even started”

don__t_give_upToday I read a post from a reddit user, who was in a depressed mood I guess, because he has been trying to do a midterm project, but he couldn’t finish it, and, even though he had been trying, he wasn’t able to achieve it. He had almost completed it, but because a method was unreachable, the game that he intended to do was not ready yet. He tried to contact with teaching assistants from his university, but they didn’t even try to help him and, because he is busy working, he cannot go to his professor’s office hours. Because most of his class mates have been accomplishing this assignment without a problem, he started to think that he is not meant to be a programmer. Continue reading

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