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Month: March 2014

My journey writing a research-based article in Wikiacademy II

Wikiacademy 2 KosovoDuring the month of October, some students from Norway came to Kosovo, because they had to do a paper that would describe the current situation here and my friend Shqiptar Ibra, who works in the Tourist Agency that was responsible to guide them in Kosovo, told me that one of the first questions that he was asked from them was: How safe are we here?

And that has been one of the main factors that has motivated me and that friend to participate in Wikiacademy II, and write an article about the tourism in Prishtina (we weren’t allowed to write for the whole Kosova).  So we wanted to show the real image of Prishtina, like it is an inhabited city from pre historical periods whose ruins can be found near Ulpiana and Harilaq today, even though unfortunately a lot of the them have been destroyed;  it has been playing a very important role during World War II, serving as a shelter for Jews; its citizens are known for hospitality, religious tolerance, optimism and young age; its unique and delicious traditional food and some rare characteristics like the only mosque in Europe that has its top built with stone bricks instead of aluminum;  Gadime Marble Cave near Prishtina, the Monument of Newborn and a lot more. Continue reading

5 reasons why you should keep a blog

This is my first post in this blog where I try to mention and explain some of the reasons why I think you should keep a blog. In fact, I think this will also my public monologue, because it’s my first post and I don’t think that it will gain much traffic, but who knows, maybe it can be an inspiration to you reader (yes, I am talking to you) to go to that button and create a new blog.

This was probably not a good introduction, but I hope that in the future I will make some progress by writing, but also by hearing your feedback about my posts.

Now, let’s get back to the main topic of this post.

Blogging is something really popular these days, for several reasons, and answering the why  of the question that you may have is not very relevant to this post.

Here are the reasons why you should keep a blog.

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